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As someone who has grappled with depression for many years, I can relate to Robin Williams’ spiral into despair, his state of utter meaningless, helplessness and hopelessness as described by Susan Trout (Director of Living Life Completely and Well – Washington DC) in her most recent blog.

Here are a couple of quotes from her blog:


We are impacted by Robin's emotional and spiritual pain because his pain is akin to our own.  Most of us have experienced depression and despair at some point in our lives; perhaps we are experiencing this pain right now.  Robin Williams is like a mirror: when we look into it, we see that he is us, you and me, and he is giving us an opportunity to choose a different path.  In this mirror, we recognize ourselves.



How do we start climbing out of the abyss of despair?   Hands reach out to help us, but we often decline them, or don't even notice their presence.  We are the ones who must "wake up" and choose to begin the long climb out of the depths of despair.  There is only one way to begin this climb: admit the truth of our condition and then, with humility, pray and ask for help from the Divine and from all of the Angels and High Beings who are imbued by the sacred.  It doesn't matter if we believe this is so - it only matters that we have a little willingness to ask for help.  Once we are sincere about asking for help and are willing to accept it, help will come.  How it will come is inevitably a surprise.  Synchronicity is the method extended to us by the Divine and our Helpers.  We MUST look for synchronicities, as they WILL come.  It could be something someone says  to us or a book someone hands us.  Or a book that falls from the shelf.  Or a dream.  Or a loving pet.   Or a beautiful nature scene.  Or the impulse to call a Hot Line.  Or someone describes a healing method that has helped her and we recognize it might also help us. As we begin to climb out of despair, we will have an urge to use what we have learned to help others.  We will refocus our life.  We will finally find meaning and purpose for being on planet earth.


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