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From  September 6  to September 8 (USA Time/Date – 3 days only)  , my latest book “KNOW WHAT YOU WANT , Finding Purpose, Direction & Fulfillment” is available FREE as an e-book from AMAZON (normally $US4.99).

   This is the third book in a trilogy following on from THE POWER, THE MIRACLE AND THE DREAM and THE ONLY WAY OUT. It is a stand-alone story, although some of the characters, such as Hannah and Jonathan Lane, have featured prominently in the earlier books.

   The events of this story take place sometime in the future. They follow the life’s journey of Luke Messina as he successfully pursues his dreams and inspires others to do the same.

   One of the premises of this story is that, when we are young, we all have a good idea what direction our lives should take, given we have an innate knowing of what our specific strengths, talents, interests, capabilities and burning desires are. Not everyone may be able to wrap their minds around these attributes at that time, let alone clearly express or articulate them. However, there is an irresistible pull that periodically comes to the surface of our conscious minds reminding us of our potential. More often than not we choose to ignore this pull.  

   Knowing what we want, or what our special function is, is not just about what job or career is best suited to our talents, although these are the most common expressions of it.  Our special function could be steering us towards fulfillment as a full-time parent, or a voluntary charity worker, or a scout-leader, or something else.

   Luke Messina knew exactly what he wanted to be by the time he was ten years old. And through his single-minded determination to follow his dream, synchronicity opened doors throughout his life to guide him along the right path to achieve his desired goals. Along the way he touched many people who wanted what he had and he generously shared with them the things he had learned on his journey.

   A major player in Luke’s story is his grandmother, Gam. Her positive influence on him was profound, as he learned much from her wisdom, acquired from the challenging University of Life.

   Gam and others, inspired Luke to follow his spiritual path and discover the answers to the questions: ‘Who am I? What is my purpose? What am I doing here?’

   All spiritual paths lead ultimately to the same destination - to truth, to happiness and to peace of mind. They are not usually smooth or easy paths for those who have the courage and persistence to follow them. That is why they are ‘the paths less travelled’.

    If after reading my book, you are inclined to send a review to AMAZON, it would be much appreciated.

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