Sunday, 19 October 2014



I’m in my 70s.

   When I was at primary school, we were taught how to write with pen and ink. The inkwell, located in the middle of each desk was topped up with ink every couple of days. Blackboards and chalk were the go.

   Later, in high school, a slide rule was the state-of-the-art calculator for multiplication and division, although I have to confess I never truly mastered its use.

   When I started work at the age of 17, computer systems occupied whole floors of commercial buildings and couldn’t match what a mere laptop can handle with ease these days.

   No mobile (cell) phones, hand-held electronic calculators, i-pads, e-book readers, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, photo-copiers, overhead or slide projectors, and so on and so on.

   Different times - slower times I guess - although I think a lot of time was wasted doing incredibly mundane, labour-intensive stuff that is now handled far more quickly and efficiently with electronic devices and sophisticated computer programs.

   Like many others of the non-electronic generation, I have struggled torturously for the past 30 years trying first, to learn new tricks, and then subjecting myself to unbelievable stress trying to keep up with the avalanche of new technology and its accompanying unfathomable new-speak.

   Enough is enough! To hell with it!

   I hereby proclaim my declaration of independence from the world of hi-tech.

   No, I’m not going Amishly overboard and stepping back in time.

   I intend to continue using my PC for writing, communicating, googling, etc.

   No, I won’t hand back my mobile phone, which I’m now very fond of.

   However, from now on, I’m determined not to get offended by my grandchildren’s incredulity, or barely hidden deprecation or even genuine pity about my lack of knowledge of the latest gismo or computer game. Or my ignorance as to what the latest buzz word is for some electronic device, process or ephemeral craze.

   The game is over. No longer am I going to try to keep up with the grandchildren.

   Let them call me a dinosaur. I don’t care.

   Already I’m beginning to feel my stress levels diminishing!   

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