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To understand that the play of Synchronicity in our lives

is offering to us repeated opportunities to heal our past errors,

and to correct our misperceptions, is to understand the very essence of life.

All events, circumstances and encounters

are opportunities to learn the truth about ourselves.

Brenda De Lene

Throughout my life, seeming coincidences have had a habit of popping up unexpectedly, usually with amazing results, whenever I’ve been open and receptive to accepting and acknowledging them. I prefer to call these meaningful coincidences -  synchronicity.

   I’m now convinced there are no coincidences, chance encounters, accidents, or anything else that happens at random. I now know that things in our lives coincide when they should. It’s as if there is some universal plan, or purpose, or divine force behind everything that happens to us.

   Synchronicity is at play at all times, only most of us aren’t even aware of it. It’s a tool of that mysterious power I felt within me when I was a child. We’re either not aware of this influence, or we choose to deny its presence, because of the conditioned resistance in our minds to accepting anything intangible, immeasurable and seemingly unprovable. By acknowledging its existence, it would mean we’d have to re-evaluate all of our entrenched values and beliefs.

   However, once we’re willing to accept the possibility that within us is a power that transcends everything we thought ourselves to be - we can use this positive power and synchronicity to transform our lives.

   Since 1992, when we first met, my wife and I have experienced many significant synchronistic moments. Events that have shaped and influenced our lives in many positive ways.

   Here is the first of two synchronistic experiences I’d like to share with you.

One day in July 1994, I came home from work, grumbling, as usual, about what a rough day I’d had and how much I hated my job, etc. I guess, by this time, Brenda, my wife, was beginning to get fed up with this familiar routine, so she said, “If you had a choice to do whatever you wanted to do in work, what would it be? What would truly make your heart sing?”

   “I’d like to be a writer - an author of books, focusing on self-help and personal growth issues,” I replied spontaneously.

   “Anything else?” she asked.

   “Sure,” I said, warming to the task. “I’d like to tell people about what I’ve learnt on my journey through life and help them avoid some of the pitfalls that tripped me up as well as encourage them to rise above their limitations. And I think I’d like to focus on helping small business owners run their lives and businesses better.”

   “Well why don’t you write down these goals and, if you’re certain, after stilling your mind in meditation, that these are what you truly want - why not commit to them and see what happens?” Brenda replied.

   “O.K. I will,” I said. After all, this is what both Brenda and I believed in. Brenda had already successfully applied this approach in her own life, and was now teaching this to others. Now it was time for me to practice what I believed in, fully expecting that, maybe, three, or five years down the track it could happen.

   Six weeks later I joined Brenda in teaching and speaking about self-awareness/meditation to groups on a regular basis! My first book was written within twelve months! Not long after that I began consulting to small business owners.

   Let me tell you how it came about.


The transportation company where I was working was experiencing severe financial setbacks and it was rapidly downsizing or re-structuring, which are sanitized expressions meaning wholesale sackings and redundancies. So, morale in this very large organization was low, to say the least. Indeed, most employees lived in fear and uncertainty about their future.

   I worked at the head office of one of the company’s divisions in Melbourne. A relatively new division that was doing reasonably well and seemed not to be as vulnerable to these drastic downsizing measures. However, one day I heard on the grapevine the recently appointed general manager of our division had been given the task of merging our division with a Sydney based division. He’d drawn up a hit list of redundancies and my name was on it!

   Talk about fear! One of my greatest fears was coming home to roost! Over fifty years old, soon to be out of work and with limited job prospects, because the economy was in the middle of a severe recession.

   I was too full of fear to see clearly what was going on. I didn’t understand, at the time, synchronicity was playing its hand. 

   Each day at work, I’d developed the habit of closing the door to my office and finding five - ten minutes to still my thoughts through meditation. I would then journal, or write down, any thoughts that came into my mind.

   I was astonished with what I wrote down one day shortly after my discussion with Brenda. 

   I wrote I was to resign immediately and tell my boss I wanted to leave at the end of the week! The day I journaled was Wednesday and, in any case, I was obligated in my employment contract to give one month’s notice! Furthermore, I journaled to ask for the use of my fully maintained company car for three months, instead of surrendering it immediately! And finally, to ask for a redundancy payout, above and beyond, usual company policy.

   I phoned Brenda immediately and, after she regained her composure, she said, “What are you going to do?”

   In a daze, I vaguely recall replying, “Well, I’ve got to do what I believe in, and if I’m guided to do all this stuff, I’ve got to have faith that this power within knows what it’s doing.” 

   My immediate boss was also a personal friend and he was taken by surprise with my sudden resignation and nearly went into shock when I presented my ‘log of claims’.

   “You’ve got to be joking! There’s no way the powers-that-be will agree to this,” he said. “However, I have to go to corporate head office to-morrow anyway and I’ll present it to them, if that’s what you really want. But don’t hold your breath!”

   Just before midday the next day he phoned me from Sydney, “You wouldn’t believe it. They’ve agreed to everything you asked for. You can leave to-morrow!”


Talk about the power of commitment unleashing the force of synchronicity!


Once one is definitely committed,

one unleashes within oneself,

hidden strengths and forces,

that otherwise were inhibited and could not manifest

because of lack of commitment.



It was as if an Unseen Hand intervened and gave me what I wanted in a most unexpected way.


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