Monday, 20 May 2013




My mother’s done it again!

   At the age of 92 and despite:

> a limited education;

> struggling through The Depression; as well as through depression (bipolar) for much of her life;

> heart attacks and other health issues plus

> the vicissitudes of living a long and challenging life

– she has just written her second short story.

   This story, like the first, is about a much loved family pet. This time a dog, named ‘Tess’. I was very impressed with mum’s first short story – but this one is even better. Once again my sister has illustrated it with great drawings.

   I’m sure it would make a wonderful children’s book, so I’d appreciate any advice you can give to assist me in pursuing this objective. Self-publishing a traditional book is out of the question because our resources are too limited, even though a traditional book would be the ideal outcome, in my opinion.

   A fall-back solution would be an E-book, although I don’t think this would be as impactful as a traditional book. Although I’ve self-published a number of E-books and numerous short stories, none have had illustrations, so any advice you can provide in this regard would also be greatly appreciated.

   As for my mother, she’s firing on all cylinders, so to speak, maintaining a very positive outlook and living her life as fully as she can despite her limitations. Her main complaint is she can’t find enough time or energy to do enough writing.  Her third short story, ‘Yankee’ is well under way. Yes, another in her series about family pets.

   She’s keen to start writing about her recollections of her childhood and especially about her maternal grandparents. She told me again over the phone the other night her memory of nearly 90 years ago is crystal-clear and she has a lot to write about.  Needless to say, the family is keen to learn about her early life about which we know so little.

   In between time, mum is supporting two of her ailing friends at the aged care centre where she lives. One has cancer and has been under intense chemotherapy for some time. The other has had a stroke and is in gradual decline. Supporting her friends, together with writing, have surely given my mother a clear purpose in life.

  This clear purpose, in my opinion, has resulted in a radical change in her attitude, from negative to positive. Perhaps we can all learn something from my mother’s experience?.

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