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One definition of ‘vicissitudes’ is: sudden or unexpected changes or shifts often encountered in one’s life, activities, or surroundings.    

   Over the last four months, since my 70th birthday early in October, there have been a series of vicissitudes in my life, some seemingly good, some seemingly bad. But all affording me opportunities for growth. Let me tell you about the ‘biggies’.

   Early in October my children joined my wife and I, her children and some of our grandchildren to celebrate my birthday. We had a happy and memorable night out together at our favourite restaurant and both sides of our extended families, meeting for the first time, got along really well.

   Fifteen days later, my employment contract wasn’t extended, after working for 13 years for a small firm. This came as a shock, because I wasn’t ready to retire and, financially, we weren’t in a position for me to retire. Also, the job market was flat and with the Christmas/New Year holidays looming, people were just not hiring new employees. This was very scary for my wife and me.

   On 22 October my son and fiancée ‘eloped’ and were married on the beach at Byron Bay. This came as a surprise to everyone. However, of course we were all delighted.

   At the end of October, after trying to wrap our minds around our dilemma and rapidly diminishing funds, my wife and I had to face our fears and let our respective families know of our setback and difficulties. Without exception, they rallied to our aid with both moral and financial support.

   Despite having to be very frugal, we still had a lovely Christmas with my wife’s family and grandchildren.

   From late October, I kept sending out job applications and, at the time of writing this post (22 February) still haven’t been invited for a job interview.

   On the other hand, during this time I’ve cranked out another 30,000 words and have just completed my third book in a series for the Young Adult market. My first two books (available on Amazon) are: THE POWER, THE MIRACLE & THE DREAM – A Beginner’s Guide to Lasting Happiness and THE ONLY WAY OUT – Forgiveness the Path to Peace & Happiness. A friend of mine is currently editing my latest book, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT – Finding Direction, Purpose & Fulfilment, as he flies on business trips between Australia, the USA and Asia. Not sure when I’ll be able to self-publish this book – I’ll leave it up to the Universe to provide the financial means.

   In my last post I described the reconciliation between my ex-wife and me at my son’s belated wedding party two weeks ago in Queensland. A truly cathartic experience for me where the miraculous power of forgiveness washed away my long-standing grievances of over 20 years.

  Now for the latest vicissitude. Two years ago my wife noticed a lump on my back near my right shoulder blade. I went to the local Doc who said it looked like a harmless Lipoma and it was not uncommon for elderly people like me to get them. Of course I had to restrain myself from slapping her face after such an insult. Old, elderly – how dare she!

   Be that as it may, the lump seems to have grown a lot over the last four months, so I went and saw the Doc again last week. She agreed that it was looking unsightly and suggested I had it removed surgically. In between time she arranged an Ultrasound to have it investigated. That done, the radiologist said I would need to have an MRI scan to look at things more closely to make sure it wasn’t malignant. In between time the specialist surgeon contacted by my Doc said he requires a CT Biopsy as well.

   Bloody hell! No wonder Australia’s Medicare costs are out of control. The lump on my back is going to keep a few families in the Health industry clothed and fed for quite a while.

   It’s a good thing I truly believe that all of our life’s experiences provide opportunities from which to grow and learn more about ourselves; otherwise I might be tempted to get a bit pissed off anxiously waiting for those tests to be carried out early in March.

   Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

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