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In my last posting I included an extract of a semi-autobiographical book I’m working on to assist Young Adults traverse the minefields of life, based somewhat on the mistakes I’ve made in my life and the lessons learned from them. In that post the negative impact of our formative experiences on our self-image was further discussed and the nebulous topic of metaphysics was raised.

   Here is another extract from my book (now around 60,000 words) in which I dive head first into the murky waters of spiritual metaphysics. A definition of spiritual metaphysics that I like is: those aspects of human experience that are still considered “non-physical” because our physical senses, research and technology cannot as yet measure or detect them.


Not much fishing had taken place so far that day. Noah had turned up a little later than usual after helping his mother out with some chores. As usual, he found Davey at the end of the jetty, not fishing though, just lost in thought. He gratefully accepted some sandwiches as Davey related his recollections of his dad.

   “I think I get the silk cord thing, but what do you mean by ‘remembering who we truly are?’” asked Noah. “Are you saying we’re not really who we think we are?”

   “Another brilliant deduction!” Davey replied. “I know you’re skeptical about whether or not God exists. Because if he did in fact exist – given religion’s traditional take on Him -  who needs a God who, one moment, is said to love His children and the next moment sends down his wrath and punishes them for their sins? Right?”

   “Yeah, I guess so.” replied Noah.

   “Rather than close your mind completely, may I suggest you entertain the possibility that He might exist and also consider the probability that much of the stuff religions say about Him is nonsense.”

   “What do you mean?”

   “It doesn’t make sense that God, Who is allegedly Love and our Creator, spends His time beating up on us every time we put a foot wrong by committing a ‘sin’. He might as well zap the lot of us right now and get it over with, because there are few signs the human race has learned much from its past mistakes. Indeed, we’re experts at repeating them.”

   “You mean like wars and stuff?”

   “Sure, among lots of other things. But what if His children were created like Himself and we, too, are nothing but pure Love and exactly like our Father, totally loving, kind, gentle and without guilt, fear, anger or attack and forever joyful and peaceful?”

   “I’d say you’re on drugs!” Noah blurted out spontaneously. “Oops, sorry.”

   “No need to apologize,” said Davey, laughing heartily. “That’s a reasonable conclusion. However, I’ll even go further and suggest we are part of God and He is in our minds, but we’ve totally forgotten about Him and have allowed the wrong-minded, or negative part of our minds to dominate our thinking and the way we see things.”

   “Maybe you are on drugs! You’re saying we’ve been created by God and what’s more we’re part of Him. Yet we don’t remember this because something else has taken control of our minds. It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie to me.”

   “Yes, it’s a bit out there, I’ve got to admit,” replied Davey patiently. “However, just say it’s true and, in fact, we’re all asleep dreaming we live in our bodies, on this planet, in this solar system, but, in reality, we’re safe at home in a heavenly state with God and all of his children.”

   “Way out! You’re expecting me to believe we’re all God’s children asleep in heaven, dreaming we’re human beings living on Planet Earth?”

   “I know it’s a big ask to expect you to wrap your mind around this. It’s certainly a quantum leap into the morass of spiritual metaphysics. So, all I’m suggesting you do is to keep your mind open to the possibility.

   “Through wrong-minded, or negative thinking we’ve made up a world of time and space – a nightmarish world of attack, pain, sorrow and death. We also made up a saboteur in our minds, the ego, to protect and defend the ‘reality’ of our nightmares or illusions and to convince us that each of us is alone, we’re not part of God or connected to anyone else. And our prime objective is to look out for ourselves and take from everybody else.

   “Sounds like the ego is pretty successful in doing this.” said Noah, skeptically.

   “Yes it is. However, God is aware we are sleeping and is always in our minds ready to assist us in waking up. That’s where wake-up calls and turning points come into play. Eventually all of us will choose to follow a spiritual path to our awakening and to the realization of Who we really are – Children of God.”

   “I just remembered I’ve got something to do at home,” said Noah, with a worried look on his face, quickly gathering up his fishing gear. “Thanks for the sandwiches. I’ll see you around.”

   Davey watched Noah as he got on his bike and pedaled off along the track leading to the main road.

   “Uh, oh! I guess I tried to tell him too much at once, or maybe he thinks I’m proselytizing” thought Davey, regretfully. “He took off like a rocket. That’s a shame. I wonder if I’ll see him again?”


In my next posting I will reveal my conclusions about how to effectively let go of the false image of ourselves resulting from our formative experiences. However, be warned. There are more spiritual metaphysics to come!

   Your comments/feedback are  most welcome.

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