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This week I completed my yet-to-be proof-read, edited and published book, ‘THE WISE OLD MAN & THE KID, A Guide to Living a Positive Life’. The premise of the book revolves around an elderly man, who is a successful author, sharing his life experiences with a 15 year-old boy, as he completes his autobiography. Davey, the old man, hopes that readers of his book, especially young people, will learn from the mistakes he made in his life and, as a result, make wiser decisions and live happy and positive lives.


Here is the Preface of the book:

‘Older and wiser’ is a popular myth, probably perpetuated by those who are no longer young. There is little evidence the cynical ‘young’ believe it at all.

   More’s the pity. Because out there among that group of decaying, grumpy, silly and bombastic elderly citizens, there exists people like Davey Brady, who have a lot of wisdom to share with young people, if only they would take the trouble and make the time to listen.

   The ‘University of Life’ and the ‘School of Hard Knocks’ are overworked clichés, especially, if like many elderly people, you fail to pass the final examinations.

   It took Davey Brady nearly all of his life before he finally earned his degree. His past was littered with his mistakes, wrong decisions and poor choices as, along the way, he single-mindedly pursued self-interest at the expense of others.

   The result? Guilt!

   Guilt that crippled him mentally, emotionally and physically as he tried to project, or dump, it onto others, only to eventually discover this does not work. His guilt still stayed with him, embedded in his mind, and his strategy of getting rid of it only caused more pain to others, as well as himself – resulting in more guilt.

   Eventually Davey could not handle the pain and, with break-down came break-through. This lead to a turning point in his life in his attitude and subsequent behavior. This not only turned his life around, but it also saved his life and he became an inspiration for others to follow.

   Yes, there are lots of Davey Bradys out there. Mature-age men and women from whom we can all learn how to make better choices and decisions, resulting in us living meaningful, positive and happy lives.

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