Sunday, 1 February 2015



Lingering in the far, deep recesses of our minds are our self-doubts, our uncertainties, our feelings of worthlessness, despair and futility.

Most of us choose to deny this. We prefer to wear our false face of innocence. Outwardly we prefer to pretend that we are Mr. Happy or Mr. Nice or Mr. Confident, or we are at least in full control of our thoughts, our emotions and our lives.

We do not have to dig too deeply to expose this sham. Most choose not to venture there. It is too threatening to our self-image. Some do.

Of those that do, some spiral into despair and depression. Why me? What I have done to deserve the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune? Others see the exposure of our phoniness as an opportunity to see things differently, and positively change their attitude. A change in behaviour always follows a change of mind.

Within our minds there is a saboteur lusting for our demise. A self-defeating part of our minds that we believe has our best interests at heart, but is always working against us.

Once we are willing to acknowledge the presence of this hard-wired negative influence in our minds and our irrational attachment to it, we can choose to do something about it.

Entertain the possibility that also within our minds, albeit seemingly drowned out by the shrieking voice of our saboteur, is a power that can overcome its dark, negative influence and bring light, clarity and happiness into our minds and life.

Yes, it is a spiritual presence. We can deny its existence, but it is always there for us to call on if we so choose.

How to choose? Simply ask for help to see things differently, with at least a little willingness to believe your request will be answered.

The form of the help or answers you receive may be unexpected, but they will certainly be different to your saboteur’s self-defeating way of seeing things.

I am still on baby training wheels – but more often than not, it seems to work for me.  

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