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It appears only a change of mind from the Indonesian President can save the lives of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran from execution.

Lawyers for the men said they were planning to lodge an administrative appeal against Indonesian president Joko Widodo's refusal to grant them pardons.

They said the president should have considered each case and not just refused clemency for all drug crimes, as he is doing.

But Indonesian attorney-general Muhammad Prasetyo has dismissed the attempt at another legal challenge, saying it is not possible to challenge the president.

"Clemency is a prerogative right that cannot be obstructed by anybody, can not be challenged by anybody. It's a prerogative right," Mr Prasetyo said.

"The president has that prerogative right as the head of state and nothing can obstruct that.”


Two young Australians, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are awaiting execution by firing squad for attempting to smuggle heroin (nine kgs) from Indonesia to Australia in 2005. They were sentenced to death in 2006 by an Indonesian court.

  Chan and Sukumaran organized seven other young people (mules) to tape one kg each to their bodies in an attempt to smuggle the drug into Australia from Bali. Their offence was serious and they were aware of the risks. The mules are now serving long prison sentences in Bali.

   Ironically, they were all apprehended at Bali airport by the Indonesians acting on information provided by the Australian Federal Police. Had the AFP not done so, the (Bali Nine) could have been arrested on arrival in Australia and, instead of facing a death sentence, would have, no doubt, received long prison sentences. Not death by firing squad.

   On Monday night, on ABC television in Australia, Four Corners highlighted the plight of these two young men, who are scheduled to be shot by the end of the month after the Indonesian President recently refused pleas for clemency. Despite the fact that both prisoners have turned their lives and attitudes around and are not only rehabilitated, but also doing good for fellow prisoners in their Bali prison.

   Here is the link to the Four Corners program. Please take the time to watch it.



   Also, here is another link to Amnesty International which is appealing to all compassionate people to write to the Indonesian authorities and plea for clemency – imprisonment, not death (via email or social media, using the hashtag #KeepHopeAlive).



The taking of people’s lives through Capital Punishment is barbaric. Everyone deserves to be treated humanely, regardless of their crime. Long prison sentences are a better deterrent with, at least, some hope of rehabilitation.

   I encourage all who share my values in this regard, to click on the link above and write to the Indonesian authorities expressing your concern about the imminent execution of these young men.


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