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 Okay, so the Indonesian President and his government stuffed up, big-time, by executing two totally rehabilitated drug smugglers who were now making a positive contribution to their fellow human beings.

Yet again, the ugly side of political populism prevailed over mercy, common-sense and decency. 

The death penalty is archaic, ineffective as a deterrent and barbarous.

Let's do something about it! 

Over the weekend, funeral services were held for Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Two men whose lives were cut short for no good reason.
Myuran’s brother Chinthu spoke movingly:
 “I asked him if he was afraid and he said no. But I didn’t believe him so I placed my hand on his chest for a few minutes and I felt his heart beat. And then again on his wrist, to feel his pulse and it was beating slowly and I knew that he was not afraid.” 
Chinthu also read his distraught mother’s words: 
"My son was a good man, he died a good man and was so loved," Chinthu said. 
"He got caught up with something bad, and the anger and shame I felt when he was arrested, was gone a long time ago." 
"When it was time for me to say goodbye for the last time, I didn't want to let him go. I hugged him so tight and he hugged me ... I watched my son walk away and I will never forget that look on his face."
Michael Chan also had powerful words to say about his brother. 
"People deserve second chances in life, people make mistakes. He showed us that everyone can change and change for the better," he said. 
"You have touched so many lives. You have done me proud and the whole family
"He showed us what dignity is all about. 
"One of Andrew's last wishes was that we continue to fight the death penalty even though we lost the fight. 
"Those big manly hugs we gave each other, the sound of your laugh and so much more."
At both services, friends and family were united in their love for Andrew and Myuran, their loathing for the death penalty and their commitment to its abolition. 
Today, we mourn the passing of two kind and generous souls.
Tomorrow, we will come together to work towards ending the death penalty.

Many of you have asked us what can be done and how can you be involved.

Rest assured you will be hearing from us soon about what we're going to do -
with your help - to try to stop such pointless loss of life happening again. 
Our most heartfelt sympathies to their families and friends. 
Our  deepest gratitude to all who have supported them. 
We bid farewell to Andrew and Myuran. May they rest in peace and may they not have died in vain.

The Mercy campaign team.

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