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Nelson Mandela was a shining example of someone who practiced true forgiveness with startling results for his nation, South Africa. Forgiveness without strings attached.  Forgiveness without recrimination. Forgiveness that overlooks the sins, or mistakes, of the perpetrator and frees both the forgiven and the forgiver from the vicious cycle of guilt, fear, attack and suffering through genuine reconciliation.

   THE ONLY WAY OUT, Forgiveness: the Path to Peace & Happiness, is not about Nelson Mandela. It is about an adult Hannah Lane as she continues her journey of self-discovery where she left off in my first book, THE POWER, THE MIRACLE AND THE DREAM, A Beginner’s Guide to Lasting Happiness.

    Hannah discovers the miraculous power of true forgiveness through a series of life changing experiences and adventures. She finds, through practicing forgiveness, she is able to solve her personal problems and bring happiness and peace into her life, as well as bring powerful and positive healing influences to others around her.

   However for Hannah, the positive power of practicing true forgiveness does not end at the personal level. Forgiveness has the power to heal the differences of people, races, religions, ethnic groups and countries in conflict around the globe.

   Our ways of dealing with differences and conflicts since time immemorial have clearly failed. There must be a better way.

   According to A COURSE IN MIRACLES, from whose teachings this book is inspired, the practice of true forgiveness is this better way. Could true forgiveness lead the way to peace? Is there anything to lose by trying this radical approach?


   THE ONLY WAY OUT, Forgiveness: the Path to Peace & Happiness is available free as an e-Book/Kindle for five days from December 19 until December 23.

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