Thursday, 17 April 2014



Saw my doc this morning and he was happy with the healing of my back, three weeks after the removal of a large Lipoma (lump). A further final test confirmed the lump was non-malignant, so that’s a great result. He told me not to do any heavy lifting for the next six weeks. I interpret that to mean – don’t do any housework! Not sure yet if my wife shares this interpretation.

   So, my focus now turns back to the employment market. Really didn’t feel up to pursuing jobs with the vigour required, when I was recuperating. So, anyone in Melbourne, Australia looking for a Financial Controller/Finance Manager/Accountant with vast experience in business and enthusiasm and energy – I’m raring to go!

   I’ve also been looking at work-from-home opportunities. Too many seem like dodgy scams to me, although one with seeming promise is Polaris Global - Beyond Freedom Evolution. They market a Personal Development/Leadership program, subjects I’ve long had a keen personal interest and belief in. The catch for me, is that I would have to learn how to sell. My wife reckons I couldn’t sell a pair of mittens to an Eskimo! She might have a point, you know, because I remember a Sales Manager who worked with me in the food industry years ago, once said that I (as Financial Controller) was in charge of the ‘Sales Prevention Department’! Thought that was a bit harsh.

   Anyway, would appreciate any feedback you can give me about Polaris and their product etc. Not going to rush into anything without doing as much due diligence as I possibly can.

   Haven’t been entirely unproductive during my convalescence. Now up to 42,000 words with my latest book, which you will recall, is semi-autobiographical. Given that its objective is to help readers not make the sort of mistakes I’ve made during my life, its main theme is definitely Personal Development/Spiritual Development. It’s rolling along nicely.

   Now, if you’re an Australian who takes politics very seriously, you’d probably be feeling seriously embarrassed today.

   Two days ago, the NSW State Premier, Barry O’Farrell, was called to give evidence before a hearing of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).He categorically denied under oath receiving a rare bottle of Australian red wine, valued at $3,000, from a dodgy lobbyist presumably trying to ingratiate his company with the newly elected Premier and his governing party (State Liberal/Coalition). Some lucrative Government contracts were up for grabs. The bottle of wine was vintage 1959, the year of O’Farrell’s birth and the giver made a big deal about that. O’Farrell didn’t declare this gift, as he should, on the appropriate political gifts register.

   After the ICAC hearing, O’Farrell fronted the media and again, went to great lengths denying receipt of the gift or any knowledge of it, let alone the significance of 1959.

   Then, would you believe, the next day he fronted the ICAC again and claimed total memory loss when hard evidence was produced:

1.    confirming delivery of the bottle by a courier back in 2011.

2.    confirming a 29 seconds telephone conversation between O’Farrell and the lobbyist with the former confirming receipt of the wine and heartily thanking the latter.

3.    and (wait for it folks) producing a copy of O’Farrell’s handwritten note sent to the lobbyist with effusive thanks and reference to the 1959 vintage and his year of birth.

   After admitting his memory failure he announced his resignation as Premier.

   Adding significantly to this bizarre affair, later that day our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott (Federal Liberal/Coalition), announces to a hungry media pack that Barry O’Farrell’s resignation is “an act of honour rarely seen in Australian politics”!


   Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not out to specifically pick on the Libs. In the overall scheme of things, Barry O’Farrell’s memory loss is mere petty cash. Indeed, the ICAC is on the verge of charging a bunch of NSW Labor politicians and their henchman (including the aforementioned lobbyist) for corruption amounting to millions of dollars.

   No, my cynicism applies to most politicians, regardless of their political affiliations. Barry O’Farrell’s “memory fail” and the PM’s beat-up to suggest O’Farrell’s resignation was “an act of honour” are ludicrous.

   Silly me, I thought real honour and integrity still counted for something. Alice in Wonderland – are you there?


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